DCT Wiped Client Accounts

In Spring 2016, DCT Trading, operating from their 160 Fortis House address in London starting offering their existing binary signal ‘customers’ a new product. This was a ‘managed account’. With the growing exposure of the scam and many customers reporting losses using Eliajh’s exact trading system, DCT knew that they needed to find another way to lure people in.

In essence, instead of clients having to do the manual trading, DCT would carry out the trading on their behalf for a fixed fee. This was sold under the pretence that there was ‘only a small number of new clients allowed to sign up each month’. The reality was that 10 (gullable?) clients had only signed up. Clients were advised not to draw down any of their investment until after 2 months. The money was traded through Pepperstone (Australia). However, just before the 2 month perioed expired, in May 2016 DCT completely and deliberatley wiped all the client investments (of course collecting their commission before doing so). Most clients had invested £10k-£30k with one family grouping together to invest £100k. All of this was wiped overnight.

The next day the ‘consultants’ (tele marketers) emailed clients to say that this would be resolved. Within 6 weeks, the DCT office closed down and the 3 senior managers in the office disappeared. Police launched an investigation into one of the individuals but he had fled the UK. To date, we have no update on what the outcome was. Elijah Oyefeso still to this day has not reimbursed any clients and many who got caught in the scam sought to take up a legal fight. However, the contract (mentioned in the email below) was set against GAB Fossard Trading LTD nothing more than a ghost company whish dissolved before any clients could strike it off.

Email to clients from DCT Trading by Simeon Dixon.

Email from DCT Trading ‘consultant’ Simeon Dixon to clients. Needless to say, the email was all to buy time to allow the perpetrators to flee before clients had an opportunity to involve solicitors.