How The Binary Signal Scam Works

The original binary signal scam was at it’s peak during 2016-2018 but thanks to a relentless campaign by DCT Trading Exposed, the scam was publicly revealed.

What Is Online Signal Trading?
Online Signal Trading has it’s roots in Israel, this is where most of the platforms are based. Elijah sells this scam as an ‘investment opportunity’ but it isn’t. It is nothing more than gambling. The principal is simple – you bet on whether the value of a stock or commodity will go up or down. Each day he will send you a ‘signal’ as to the direction you should place your bet. He claims the signals come from him and they are accurate, but that is all part of the scam. However, Elijah insists you use specific trading platforms when signing up – this guarantees failure as these are rigged to ensure you fail. Make sure to watch our video above for full details!

How The Scam Works (Basic Version):

  1. Elijah uses social media posts of him posing with luxury items, expensive cars etc. and offers other incentives such as ‘free 5 day trials’ to lure victims.
  2. Clients are sent a sign-up link and are required to register with a specific trading platform – Banc De Binary. Many clients ask to use one of their own choice but Elijah discourages this as he won’t get any commission from it.
  3. Clients deposit £250 into the trading platform.
  4. DCT Trading emails clients an ‘instructional video’ which is nothing more than a shakey video recorded on a mobile phone.
  5. After the trial expires, clients can continue to receive the signals at a cost of £104 per month. This is paid by paypal to Elijah.
  6. Those clients who can’t get the signals to generate any profit are told they just need more time and should sign up to ‘see their profits soar’.
  7. The trading platform is rigged to ensure come initial success to keep the clients but after a short time all their money is lost.
  8. At this stage, clients start to realise that there is something wrong but it is too late. Elijah has their monthly £104 payment and the original deposit of £250 to Banc De Binary is never to be seen again.

Download The Secret DCT Trading Document they Don’t Want You To See
See the DCT Trading instructions given to DCT Trading telesales agents. It details the commission each agent makes when they get a new sign up and also:

Download the Secret DCT Trading Instructional Guidance (660Kb)

Elijah Oyefeso Trading Scam

Why has con man Elijah Oyefeso not been arrested?
Currently binary signal trading is not illegal in the UK. This is one of the technical legal difficulties that faces many of the victims of this scam. It is illegal in many European countries and USA.